Rumours on coronavirus outbreak on schools and universities in the GTA raise concerns

News and updates about the Wuhan coronavirus have been all around the media.

Just recently, health officials confirmed two cases in Toronto. A husband and wife who had visited Wuhan. Although health experts have continuously reminded Torontonians and the whole province that the overall risk of an outbreak remains “very low”, this still brought anxiety and fear to residents.

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Rumours of all sort have been spreading as well which only made the case worse. Some students have been receiving text messages, tweets, and DMs telling them that malls, grocery stores, and other schools, have cases of the said virus.

However, school boards and universities have responded that these are all fake reports and that they assure parents and students to let them know of any updates as they are working closely with medical experts.

Health officials continue to advise people to practice good prevention measures, such as getting flu vaccines, proper hand-washing, and self-isolating when you feel ill to avoid spreading any viruses.

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