Religious beliefs VS Euthanasia

According to a 2019 survey, Philippines is ranked as the third largest Catholic country across the globe with more than 85 million baptized as Catholics. But, Catholic or not, Filipinos are known for being pro-life.

And for Filipinos living in a western country like Canada, where euthanasia (medical assistance in dying) is being practiced, how are we taking this?

Vial with pentobarbital used for euthanasia and lethal injection

Related to this issue is a developing news story about a brain-dead Brampton woman. Taquisha McKitty, 28, was found unconcious on a sidewalk due to drug overdose. They say the victim died of natural causes after being in life support for more than 15 months.

The victim and her family are Christians and this whole thing is indeed a big issue for them. In fact, the family has made an appeal to court arguing that doctors should take their patients’ religious beliefs into account before declaring them dead.

Now for us Filipinos, we will probably do the same thing.

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