People are completely ignoring orders on parks and playground closures

Toronto Mayor John Tory considers enforcing more drastic measures to those violating orders on parks and playgrounds closures.

More than 1,500 city-owned parks were ordered to close last week, including all its facilities. Yellow-tapes and social distancing reminders were put in place. This is one of the city’s many actions to limit the spread of COVID-19.

However, people are still seen gathering in parks. In worse cases, some actually tore down the yellow tapes to use the prohibited facilities. This prompts Mayor Tory to speak with bylaw officers in order to start a ticketing blitz this week. Fire Chief Matthew Pegg also mentioned that caught violators can face fines up to $5,000.

As of today, there are 1,706 COVID-19 cases in Ontario. Health officials expect the number to rise this week as we just passed March break and there are many residents flying back home. All travellers are reminded to follow the mandatory 14 days of self-isolation with or without any symptoms.

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