Ontario’s three-phase plan to reopen the economy

The state of emergency in the province was recently extended until mid-May. Without giving specific dates, Premier Doug Ford laid out, what he calls, a roadmap of how the province will reopen.

Premier Ford is working hand in hand with Ontario’s public health officials and presented a framework showing a three-stage approach plan on easing the measures and restrictions once they see a consistent two to four-week decline on COVID cases.

  • Stage one – the reopening of selected workplaces that can meet current public health guidelines; opening some outdoor spaces; allowing some small gatherings
  • Stage two – more workplaces will be reopened; opening more public spaces; larger gatherings will be allowed
  • Stage three – further loosen restrictions on public gatherings; all workplaces will be reopened responsibly

Each stage will be closely monitored by health officials to know if any certain measure or restriction needs to be adjusted, tightened, or loosen. All will depend on the criteria provided by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Today, Ontario confirmed 347 new cases bringing the total to 15,728.

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