Ontario records a spike of new COVID-19 cases, the first time in 3 weeks

The province sees a massive spike in the number of COVID-19 cases Tuesday morning.

Source: Energycity.ca

Ontario reports 203 new cases today. A 0.5 percent increase from yesterday’s count. Health Minister Christine Elliot describes it as a ‘concerning’ increase and states that more adults aged 39 and younger are getting infected.

Source: Health Minister Christine Elliot via Twitter

This has been the trend for the past week. Province and health officials are warning Ontarians, regardless of age, to continue observing the public health guidelines.

The province encourages residents to maintain only one social circle of a maximum of 10 people while continuing to stay 2 metres apart from anyone outside of it. Although masks are only mandatory in indoor public spaces and public transits, wearing any face coverings is also highly recommended.

As Ontario Premier Doug Ford stated in his announcement on Monday, while younger people may feel invincible “it’s going to be a different story for your parents and your relatives.”

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