Ontario public transits take extra measures to protect commuters against COVID-19

Buses, subways, streetcars, and trains are closed-compact places where viruses and bacterias can easily spread.

Courtesy of National Post

And because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the province’s public transit services have taken extra measures to provide and assure its customers as well as their staff are safe from the virus.

Metrolinx and the TTC have begun strict cleaning measures of their buses, subways, trains, and stations. Long-lasting disinfectant/ anti-bacterial sprays and wipedowns are added to the transits’ daily cleaning routine.

Although this does not 100% guarantee passengers free of the virus, it is still one way of preventing it to spread even more.

As of this day, Public Health Officials say that there are 20 cases in Ontario. Those who have tested positive have had recent travels outside the country. And this does not limit to China. Some of the recent ones have travelled or have had relatives who travelled from Iran and Egypt.

All new cases are under self-quarantine.

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