Office Break Yoga with Jessie Sarafian.

Yoga at work is extremely beneficial especially when a person has been sitting or slouching at their desk for about 8 hours. Sitting at the desk can put an unnecessary toll on the person’s body. It gives some strain towards the hips, shoulders and other muscles. A quick yoga time at the job can relieve some stress on one’s body and the person’s mental health. 

Jessie Sarafian, a yoga instructor and the host of Office Break Yoga, gives new techniques and yoga poses that will counter the negative effects of work stress, burnout and long hours of sitting on your desk. Jessie shares multiple yoga poses and techniques made for busy employees. Here it goes…

First, take a few seconds to focus on your breathing and meditation. Deep breathing stimulates a transformation of the body and mind. It has an impact on your emotional state by slowing down your breathing. It improves circulation, blood flow and organ function. The heart and vital organs can operate efficiently by taking more oxygen to the body. “Most of us just go about our day, mindlessly working our brains on overdrive, unaware of this simple luxury. This breathing technique is what I do daily – it helps calm me, reduces stress and keeps me focused.” Jessie says. 

Next, make sure to find a proper place in the office to stretch. Jessie demonstrated Restorative Yoga. This position is adequate for beginners and experts. Restorative Yoga or child pose is a relaxing position that holds yoga poses for considerable time using props like yoga blocks and blankets. This practice works if the body or mind relaxes and pays attention to breathing. The benefits of this routine are the improvement of sleep, relaxation, well-being, mood and reducing any pain in the body. Restorative yoga poses are held anywhere from 5-20 minutes which is perfect for lunch breaks. 

Then, Jessie demonstrates the hip opener flow position. This is a well-rounded flow yoga style where it focuses on the tightness of the pelvic area. Sitting down on your desk can constrain your hips flexor and rotators. Tight hips is a widespread issue because it can negatively impact our daily lives such as our posture and even our ability to walk. She once again starts with the child’s pose position for the hip opener flow sequence. The next step is to do the cat-cow pose as it loosens up the spine and strengthens the abdomen. This will improve the circulation on the waist and the discs of your spine. 

Finally, the last step is stretching the stiff hamstrings and quads by doing various yoga stretches such as reclined big toe pose, folded pose, supine spinal twist, lumbar twist and other quadriceps stretches. These stretches loosen up your muscles and reduce back pain by addressing flat low back posture. This pose also helps to improve your digestion. These yoga poses and techniques will help you cope in a stressful environment and turn it into a serene place. In just a few minutes, you can obliterate the tensions and create an intimate haven for your body. 

“It’s important more than ever to continue to move, stretch and take care of our bodies. The time we spent commuting has now trickled into our workday and we find ourselves working more than before.” Jessie says. 

For more positive and tranquil vibes with Jessie Sarafian, Check out her YouTube “Yoga with Jessie Sarafian” or tune in to Filipino TV. 

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