Metrolinx hosting the largest emergency drill in Toronto

Union Station will have a different set up this Saturday as Metrolinx will be hosting its largest emergency exercise in the station.

According to Metrolinx, the purpose of the exercise is to test the preparedness of all staff and first responders if such emergency situations happen.

The joint exercise will involve Toronto police, Toronto Fire Services, and the city. And to fully execute the drill, there will also be 150 actors, professional makeup artists, and fake smoke.

The drill is scheduled to start on Saturday, November 2, late in the evening until the next morning. But even with the exercise, all buses and trains will operate on its regular basis.

The public are expected to witness the procedure and protocols and are being advised not to call 911 for the whole thing is staged. Though the drill will take place in the late evening, there will still be closures on some sidewalks and roads.

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