List of businesses in the province that are reopening today

Some businesses were given a go signal to reopen after officials saw a decline on community spread transmission of the virus. All reopening businesses are obliged to follow specific public health measures.

Here’s the list of businesses that are reopening today:

  • Automatic and self-serve car washes
  • Auto dealerships (by appointment only)
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Garden centres and nurseries (curbside pick-up and delivery only)
  • Essential construction projects (shipping and logistics, broadband, telecommunications, digital infrastructure, municipal projects, colleges and universities, child care centres, schools and site preparation, excavation, industrial and residential development)
  • Golf courses (only to prepare for their upcoming season; will remain closed to the public)
  • Marinas can begin preparing for the recreational season by serving boats and other watercraft. (boats must be secured to a dock at all times)

The province has also released a sector-specific guideline on how businesses and companies can keep their employees, customers, and the general public safe.

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