Life, Love & Joy with Animals

In the show called Humane Connection, Producer Nathan De Peralta features stories and experiences of animal lovers with their pets. Theresa Corazon Laurico has a Yorkshire Terrier dog or a “Yorkie”. Before owning a Yorkie, Theresa spent her 2011 New Year’s Eve in New York. That night, she had dreamt of owning a dog. “I had a dream of a little puppy running to me and I can’t believe I was dreaming of a dog because I travel so much,” Theresa says. 

She eventually adopted a dog and named it Love. Love became an important member of her household. “I don’t know what I am doing but I promise you that all you will know in this life is love and he is now eight! He just turned eight.” Theresa reminiscing about her experience of having a dog for the very first time. 

On April 16, 2017, Theresa and Love were enjoying a lovely walk to Harbourfront when suddenly an airport shuttle bus struck her. “We were crossing the street and we were hit by a bus. The bus hit both me and Love! Love was on my right arm and on that day both of us experienced a miracle,” Theresa says. She was unconscious for 7 days. She never experienced a broken bone in her life but that day she suffered 8 broken ribs, frontal lobe brain trauma, a sliced spleen and a lot more injuries around her lungs and chest. 

Theresa survived the accident and is super grateful for a second chance in life. “In God’s hands, I feel like love and protection was on us both,” Theresa joyfully declared. 

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