How to make Sardinas Bola-Bola

Sardines is a regular morning meal for Filipino families. They often mix it with rice or eggs on their breakfast plate. A great way to start your day especially because it is a super nutritious food packed with Omega-3, Protein, Vitamin D, Iron, and Calcium. There is no better way to enjoy sardines by trying an easy and quick ‘Sardinas Bola-Bola’. A tasty breakfast with an exceptional flavour.

Jeff Atienza, the host of Chef Isolation on Filipino TV, guided his viewers how to prepare Sardinas Bola-Bola, a famous dish in the Philippines. Filipino stars such as Pokwang made a tutorial on how to make Sardinas Bola-Bola. The ingredients of the humble Sardinas Bola-Bola are: 1 can of sardines, 1 egg, 1 onion, ⅓ tsp pepper, 1 cup all-purpose flour, garlic powder, ½ tbsp baking powder and spinach. 


1. Dice the onions into small squares. 

2. Chop the spinach into pieces.

3. Combine sardines with pepper, onion, spinach, egg and garlic powder. 

4. Mix all the food until sardines is crushed. 

5. Stir and add the flour and baking powder. 

6. Add 1 tbsp of water periodically as the sauce thickens.

7. Mold the mixture into a ball shape.

8. Lastly, fry the balls over low or medium heat to ensure the food is never overcooked.

Finally, you can now enjoy the Sardinas Bola-Bola. In the show Chef Isolation, Jeff Atienza cooks and educates the viewers on certain food with a twist. He gives a different outlook on every dish featured on the show. If you want to join the cooking discussion make sure to check out the Filipino TV social media or put #malingginawanichefisolationnahindinamannakamamataykayaoklang.

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