How A Beauty Business Pivoted During The Pandemic

Even in these unprecedented times, numerous entrepreneurs still entered their pioneering journeys. Opening a new business is by itself challenging. Much more so, during this Coronavirus pandemic. The challenge is either related to the business plans or the coronavirus pandemic itself.

Jennifer Uy, the founder of Happy Natural Products, started her business during this unaccustomed time. Her inspiration was to help the people’s well-being particularly the frontliners. Her company focuses not entirely on beauty but also on health and wellness. The company offers personal products including face masks, disinfectants, face rollers, oral care products and gua sha tools. 

A great skincare routine can substantially improve one’s sense of normalcy and nourishment. “The beauty that we always talk about with Happy is not just about the external part but also balancing your body back into where it needs to in terms of the state of the core,” Jennifer told  Filipino TV. Jennifer created a jade facial roller and gua sha to help a deeper facial massage to help firm the look of the skin. 

Aside from making cosmetic products, Jennifer adapted to the new circumstances. She created hand sanitizers for frontliners in the midst of COVID-19. “We made this for medical professionals such as my relatives, an aunt, cousins, who are all in the medical field who don’t have downtime to beat this virus,” Jennifer says. She developed a moisturizing hand sanitizer that doesn’t ruin sensitive hands. The sanitizer is 80% ethanol and made with pharmaceutical or food-grade ethanol. She also developed a mask made out of 3 layers. The pack includes 2 washable face masks to protect you from any disease. 

The beauty industry is forever changing. It has adjusted for the better during these unfortunate circumstances. Jennifer Uy turned her unhappy situation into a blissful one by helping others. 

“Beauty is not only outside but healing on the inside. That’s the story of Happy.” – Jennifer Uy

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