From Hard-Working OFW To A Successful Businessman

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Jamie Balmores moved to Canada on November 14, 2008. He was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and a registered nurse in Edmonton, Alberta. Jamie’s purpose for moving to Canada was to help his family in the Philippines. He was a hardworking nurse who worked multiple overtime shifts while providing for his family in the Philippines. When they ended the overtime shift, he looked for other part-time jobs on his days off. 

Jamie worked multiple jobs while he was working as a nurse in Edmonton. “I tried cleaning toilets, selling food, washing dishes,” Balmores mentioned in an interview with Real Talk With Anjo P. He loves working as a nurse but he had a desire to follow his passion for cooking. He was inspired to build his food truck when he saw multiple Filipino food trucks in Los Angeles. “That night! I spent $200 just on food trucks and I thought I was crazy for doing that!” Jamie says. 

In 2015, he eventually built his own food truck business and he named it, Jeepney Jaytee. He dedicated himself to creating his brand and business. The menu consists of unique dishes that are a success. It includes bistek Tagalog, Ilocano longanisa musubi, purple yam-flavoured taho, ube-pork sinigang and other fusion cuisines. “When Jeepney Jaytee opened, people waited 6 hours just to eat my food specialty,” Jamie says. 

The food truck business surely opened up other opportunities for Jamie. He became a brand ambassador for Lexus, Jack & Jones, Desjardins Insurance Company among others. He was also invited to be a guest in Global TV news to display his special cuisines. He won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award on Filipino Champions of Canada in 2016 and Golden Balanghay Awards in 2019. Jamie Balmores’s tenacious attitude proved that anyone can follow their dreams through hard work and dedication. “Don’t ever think that you are number one, there’s always someone out there trying to be in your shoes. Remember that! Don’t be satisfied!” Jamie’s advice to people who are trying to follow their dreams.

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