Federal government bans ‘assault-style’ weapons following the Nova Scotia mass shooting

All licensed gun owners will not be allowed to sell, use, transport, and import ‘assault-style’ weapons in Canada after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a ban on firearms yesterday, effective immediately.

Courtesy of National Post

About 1,500 types of ‘assault-style’ firearms, including what has been used in the Nova Scotia shooting is now prohibited.

Courtesy of CBC News

The government says it will give a two-year amnesty period for licensed owners to dispose these weapons and comply with the order. Those caught not complying with the law by April 2022 could face sanctions under the Criminal Code.

The government notes that current owners will also be able to be compensated through a buyback program, which was promised by the Liberal Party in the last election. Another option is giving the owners ability to grandfather in their ownerships which allows them to possess the guns under specific terms. Both options are still lacking further details.

The announcement was quickly followed by a reaction from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer stating that the Liberals were not addressing the problem properly, emphasizing that majority of gun crimes are committed with illegal firearms.

Despite this and raised concerns by pro-gun groups, saying the ban is unfair for legal owners and offensive as they are often compared to those who are misusing these weapons, the federal government stands firm on its decision to prohibit ‘assault-style’ firearms.

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