Doug Ford and Ontario Government Launches Website Tracking Coronavirus Cases in Schools

Teacher and children with face mask back at school after lockdown, disinfecting hands.

Premier Doug Ford is implementing a new tactic to help schools record their COVID-19 cases. Parents, students, and educators now have access to information on how many new Coronavirus infections are in schools around Ontario. The summary of cases in schools and child care services is now available in The website provides guidelines “If a COVID-19 case is confirmed at each school”.  

“I think it’s so important to report every single case, as we did the long-term care. We’ll do the same in schools”, Doug Ford mentioned in a news conference. Ford took the severity of the situation due to the Coronavirus cases rising around Ontario. School staffs are mandated to notify parents about Covid-19 cases in their school. This will allow parents to be cautious and be aware of every case around their neighbourhood.

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