Concerns over phone scams in Canada growing bigger

Phone scams have been spreading evidently across the country. In recent cases, it appears that fraud callers have become even harder to identify.

One person receives an average of two to three unknown calls a day. We can’t deny that this issue has become quite alarming especially that we don’t have any idea on where these types of calls come from and how they were able to collect our mobile numbers.

You probably experienced answering calls from what seemed like a machine that speaks foreign language and just wonder how in the world did they get your number.

What’s pretty scary are those type of calls who even have caller IDs. Most of the time these callers identify themselves as police, with a “Sgt.” caller ID, or someone from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) telling you that you have this amount of debt, that there’s something wrong with your records, or that they needed this personal information from you.

We might think at first that these callers are just random pranksters, but they now evolved into fraud experts, identity thieves, who ask for your money and there have been a number of victims who reported these kind of cases to police. The concerns are coming from different provinces. It is becoming a nationwide problem.

Police are warning all of us to be more vigilant whenever answering unknown calls. Better yet, leave these calls to voicemail. If you feel any doubt, you can always double check by calling direct to police or the CRA hotline.

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