City’s decision to take down homeless encampments stir reactions from anti-poverty advocates

A decision was made last month to take down a homeless encampment at Rosedale Valley located under the Rosedale Bridge.

According to a statement from the mayor’s office, the decisions were made by professional city staff after evaluating the health and safety risks in these encampments.

But this has caused different reactions from the public. Anti-poverty advocates showed strong opposition. They say most shelters are full and overcrowded, and even if a housing or rental allowance will be given, it would still be impossible to get a place since rents are expensive.

The city sent out a notice that gave people 15 days before crews start the clearing process. In those 15 days, outreach workers were also present to connect with those who are living in the encampment to let them know of all other services available to them, including medical and housing needs. But not everyone favoured the offer.

Advocates say that the city’s action only looked as if they’re trying to wipe out the issue instead of addressing it properly.

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