City Red Zones vs. City Lockdowns

City red zones will restrain gyms or any sports-related facilities to a limit of 10 people. Bars and restaurants will remain open but with early closures and limited capacity. Every restaurant also has to follow the indoor limit to 10 people. Movie theatres are prohibited from operating in red zone areas. 

City lockdowns will have a complete shutdown of all restaurants, gym facilities and other businesses. Restaurants are permitted to do delivery service but with complete closure of their other services. Movie theatres will remain closed. 

Ontario implements a more stringent measure on putting a city on “Red Zones” from the incidence rate of 100 positive cases per 100,000 people or 10% of the region’s population to 40 positive cases per 100,000 people or at least 2.5% of the region’s population have coronavirus. In the last 14 days, the growing rate of new cases in Ontario was an average of 3.895 percent each day. Hamilton, Halton, Peel, York and Toronto were put to red zone restrictions and could proceed to a city lockdown. The new COVID-19 modelling predicts 6,500 new cases per day by December 13th. The pandemic cases are rapidly increasing in the province of Ontario, it will not be a surprise if a region goes straight into a lockdown.

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