Toronto implementing stricter social distancing and self-isolation rules

Toronto Medical Officer of Health Dr Eileen de Villa says according to data, the city may see 600-3000 deaths by the end of this pandemic and that is why they recommend implementing stricter rules on social distancing.

Here is the list of stricter rules that city health officials agreed on social distancing:

  • Even if you’re not ill or has not travelled you are strongly directed to stay home unless: there’s a need to access healthcare or medication; walk your dog; shop for groceries once a week; get daily exercise while maintaining a physical distance of at least 2 metres.
  • Everyone returning from travel should and must stay home – This is a federal order. All travellers must go on a mandatory 14-day quarantine
  • Increased supports for self-isolation for those who are homeless
  • Seniors, and anyone over the age of 70, are highly encouraged to stay home.
  • Only essential businesses are allowed to operate. Businesses must follow physical-distancing measures, limit in-person transactions as much as possible, implement infection prevention and control practices.
  • Essential businesses must increase cleaning and screening of all employees and staff.

An emergency alert has been sent out this afternoon as well to remind everyone to stay home except for all essential workers.

As of April 4, 2020 (3 P.M.), there are 1026 total cases in the city including 823 confirmed, and 25 deaths.

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