Check Your Tires During the Winter Season

Winter is upon us and changing to a winter tire is a must. According to, a website for road safety, almost 30% of car accidents happen on snowy and icy roads. With slippery conditions, checking the state of your tires is crucial.

Michelin, a tire company, stated that after 5 years of usage, annual tire inspection is required and mandatory to change the tire after 10 years from its manufacture. Global News reported on November 12, 2015, that local auto centres are selling new tires that are manufactured 3 years prior. Customers not being aware of these requirements may figure in accidents on the road especially this winter season.

Due to the pandemic, Towing companies are not allowing passengers in their trucks because of social distancing. People may have to arrange their own ride home after the accident. Therefore, it is a necessity to ensure Canadians safety during the winter in the midst of this pandemic.

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