Cannabis edibles now legal in Canada

After a year of the legalization of recreational marijuana, today, Health Canada has announced that cannabis edibles are now legal as well.

Just to be clear it is the production of cannabis edibles that has been made legal in the country.

Edibles such as weed-infused beverages, candies, and baked goods will be hitting the market soon. Customers can also expect cannabis lotions and sublingual strips.

Health and safety experts say that regulations on these include strict limits of 10 mg of THC per edible serving while 1,000 mg per package for lotions and oils. It is also emphasized that the advertising and marketing of these products should not be appealing to children.

Most of the products are said to be available by mid-December. For licensed producers, they will have to submit new items to Health Canada for review before legally selling them. the approval will take about 60 days.

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