Canada health officials say ‘the epidemic is slowing down’

Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer says that the epidemic is slowing down after data showed cases are now doubling every ten days unlike every three days in late March.

Although the growth rate seems to have been declining, just yesterday, Canada recorded over one thousand fatalities — exceeding the forecasted death toll which was 500-700 deaths by April 16.

Canada’s top doctor and government officials warned that this might be the peak of the first wave and it would take more weeks before strict safety measures can loosen up.

Provinces with most deaths are Quebec and Ontario, mostly are from long-term care homes outbreaks. The outbreaks have claimed and infected not only the elders but many of the health staffs as well.

Seeing the slow growth rate, health officials say Canadians must continue following all placed restrictions for better results. There are currently 28,899 cases in the country, including 1,048 deaths and 9,271 recoveries.

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