Amazing Advice for First Time Moms

First-time mothers go through physical changes and alterations, not to mention the emotional roller coasters they go through brought about by childbirth. Childbearing can bring about so much traumatic stress to a mom which may lead to some form of depression among others. 

Postpartum depression is real. This can be due to the many changes both physical and emotional that had taken place during childbirth. Sleep deprivation and unexplained frustrations are also a hard part of motherhood. There’s tremendous pressure on the parents, particularly the new mom to take care of a newly born child. Caring for a newborn can be complicated for any mother. How much more for a first-time mom. A piece of good advice is crucial and will always come in handy for new parents, especially the new mom. 

In the show, Mom Talk w/ Jemi, the host Jemi and her guests tackle issues faced by new moms and soon-to become moms. They give valuable guidelines, tips and advice to new parents. The show tackles the parents’ journey and struggles of childbearing and parenthood. 

“Mom talk is all about the motherhood journey, products that are used by today’s parents, valuable resources and at times, we have experts join us,” Jemi Smith stated on her show. For more information about parenthood, make sure to check out Mom Talk w/ Jemi every Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

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