Be Aware of Online Meet-Ups Scams

According to Statistics Canada, 2020 is on pace to beat 2019’s total e-commerce sales. Online shopping had a dramatic surge in this pandemic. Most E-commerce businesses deliver items directly to online shoppers’ households. For Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji however, they require personal meet-ups if a purchaser wants an item. Unfortunately, virtual shopping can also be an unsafe transaction. 

On November 8, an 18-year-old Richmond Hill man was robbed of $10,000 worth of items during a buy and sell meetups. In these unusual times, people are desperate for money that they may resort to doing unpleasant things. Online shoppers must be vigilant in any buy and sell meetups.

Andy Gutierrez, host of Filipino Toys Collectors Worldwide warned, “Be careful guys when you purchase toys in Kijiji or the online store like Facebook. You have to be careful when you meet up with people. Make sure you meet up with them in public places.” It is also important to be aware of the surroundings especially in public places. “Make sure you meet up in public places such as McDonald’s or whatever. A place where they can’t take off any weapons in a public place,” Andy added. 

The holiday season is almost over but online purchasing will remain the norm for 2021. Let this be a reminder to be cautious when buying stuff online.

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