A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Tooth – Ube Cheese Turon

Turon, also known as lumpiang saging, is a type of snack or dessert in the Philippines. Generally, it is made out of thin slices of banana mixed with brown sugar and rolled in spring roll wrappers, then fried until it is golden brown. This sweet treat is usually seen being sold on the streets of the Philippines or as a typical merienda in Filipino homes.

In the show Chef Isolation, Jeff Atienza demonstrates how to make an anomalous Ube Cheese Turon. Usually, Turon is made out of banana but Jeff has made minor adjustments to the recipe. The delicious ingredients of the Ube Cheese Turon are: Ube halaya, cheese, crushed peanuts, spring roll wrapper and oil


  1. First, Crush the Peanuts
  2. Slice cheese into strips
  3. Then, Scoop ube into spring roll wrapper
  4. Add the sliced cheese
  5. Add some peanuts
  6. Roll and seal with water
  7. Lastly, Deep fry until the skin is golden brown

Finally, enjoy the tasty ube cheese turon. It is a great treat on a long stressful day. Jeff aims to enlighten its viewers that great cooking is easy and fun. Showcasing how to prepare tasty food for every person’s palate has become the show’s mantra.

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