A Special Valentine’s Day for FTV Viewers.

Valentine is the most romantic time of the year for lovebirds. A special time for lovers, both young and old. Cards, roses and chocolates are the most common gifts every 

February 14th as they profess, dedicate and recommit their love and devotion to their significant other. 

Filipino TV invites you to stay home and be comfortable in your couches. Beautiful stories of courtship and romance will run on air this Sunday. TV shows such as Point of View, Bangko Sa Liwasan and Epic Generation will round up heartwarming episodes for the viewers. 

The Point of View documents real-life stories of interracial couples as they speak on their unique experiences of dating outside their race. For instance, hardships, struggles and cultural differences are a large portion of interracial relationships.

In Bangko Sa Liwasan, Filipino-Canadians speak their hearts out in sharing the original love stories of their lives. Whether it was a long distance relationship, “the one that got away” or the importance of communication, only proves that love is indeed in the air.

Epic Generation also celebrates Family Day this weekend. Hosts, along with the guests will express their appreciation and love towards their family. The kids will have multiple performances to show gratitude to their loved ones. Join us this Sunday and celebrate your Valentine’s day with Filipino TV.

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